3 Places to Get Small Business Advice

There are many places to seek small business advice these days. Whether you are an owner manager, or owner/operator of a small business, it does not matter. You may need help answering a simple question such as, “How can I improve my customer service?” Sometimes, you simply just need someone who has been there before to point you the right way.

One great place to find small business advice is to ask other small business owners. Of course, you want to be careful here because there are some unscrupulous folks who will take advantage of newcomers to the industry. However, there are many excellent people out there who have had great experiences. They are more than willing to share their knowledge and help others like you. So what is a small business owner’s paradise and how can you get there?

One of the easiest places to meetup and network with other entrepreneurs is via a local meetup group. You can find one in your city or online as well. These are gatherings of like minded entrepreneurs where entrepreneurs come together to share ideas, resources, and opportunities. Many times, these are small business owners who are looking to hire employees or just help each other with something.

Another great place to meetup and network is via a “mention board” – also known as a “mentor board.” The benefit of a “mention board” is that you can get small business advice without being obnoxious. These are typically created by successful business owners in your town and they are free for anyone to use. If you are looking for small business advice, this is one of the places where you can go without being “that guy” or any other unwanted attention.

The third area is an entrepreneurial forum. This is similar to a meetup, but it is facilitated by someone who is highly successful in entrepreneurial issues. Many entrepreneurs come to these forums with questions or even to offer advice to new entrepreneurs. They are a great place to get small business advice on how to be more successful in the business world.

The final place I would like to discuss are online forums. There are many online entrepreneurial discussion forums where you can ask questions, give advice, post reviews, and just hang out with other successful entrepreneurs. The benefits of joining such forums include getting small business advice as well as networking with successful people in the field. Meeting with successful people and asking questions is a key component of entrepreneurial success – and this is one way to do it.

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